Recording to an SMB share


I need to record my camera feeds to an SMB share but the recording just won’t start. It records fine to a local drive but it’s not an option for me as I don’t have enough space. I’m pretty sure it’s not a permissions issue. I have tried several SMB shares, both mapped and unmapped. See log error below.


Hi Bob,
If you are running NCS as a service by default it runs on a local account where network traffic is not aloud in Windows. Change the account to a regular one.

Thanks very much for the speedy reply Henrik. It seems as though I’m running the console version of the server. Should I running it as a service instead?

I thought I’d reboot and test it again and now I’m getting two errors.


And this:

Well, one problem never comes alone :slight_smile:
Running version 1.5.6?
With these 2 errors you use shared volume Z I assume.
Second error with Library manager. When you start ncs all modules are loaded correct incl Library Manager? Check the log file.
To store on external drive you can either make a shared volume Z and use that in the Settings for Library or you can connect to the external drive going via network so in Library you have for example when storing on a NAS:

If you do the last one is that working?
I am pretty sure that your original message with path not found is about permissions.

Yes, finally I get all your errors and they are all from username/password is not set.