Recording to password protected NAS


Hello. I’m trying to record to a password protected NAS. How do I enter the username and password under the “library settings” box? The path to the drive and folder is, “\ROBERTS-NAS\Cameras\Recordings\Recordings”

When I added a password requirement to the NAS it obviously stopped recording because I’m not sure how to tell NCS to login. Thanks!


I am running a system like that myself and there are two ways doing that. If running NCS X you log in to the NAS from Windows Explorer and save the credentials. When running NCS X it uses the saved login. This is managed under user credentials.
If running NCS Service it is a little bit more complicated, but get back if you will do that.


This isn’t working for me. I can access the network drive from explorer but NCS won’t record.


I’m running netcam studio x


Its looks like this for me. Click on 1 and when you click on 2 it should ask for login if not saved before. Click OK and you should have 3.

Maybe it is missing \\ before ROBERTS-NAS
Also make sure that you run NCS X as Administrator.
Do the user account have write permission to that folder on the NAS?


Hi Henrik. I followed your instructions and got the prompt for username and password. I entered it, clicked save credentials, and it recorded as expected. The issue now is that after a computer reboot it seems the credentials are not being remembered because I have to enter them again through settings in order to record again.


Go to Control Panel and then Credentials Manager. Look under the tab for Windows Credential if you have it there the first time. Make a reboot and go to the same place and see if the credentials are there or gone. I assume you checked the checkbox for saving also when login the first time. You are running under account that have admin rights. After a reboot going to the Network in Windows Explorer and go to the NAS, do you need to login again?


Ah. This was the issue. The wrong credentials were stored!! Thanks for your help.


Hehe, small detail but sort of important!
Happy it works now!