Recordings when over 640x480 cut off

When cameras are set to anything over 640x480 the motion sensing recordings cut off after 2 secs, even though the description says it’s about 15 secs as normal. Any ideas how to record everything when recording HD?

Hi Marlon,
That sounds very strange. Why is the resolution involved in that? Here is a default setting for MD and I use it with a 720p camera and I have 1280p also.

There must some changes from default somewhere in your NCS. You say cameras. How many cameras? Can it be a problem with an overloaded CPU? Actually, I cannot even guess right now. Is the installation corrupted? Have you made a clean installation which means also remove all the configuration files in the C:\ProgramData\Moonware folder after running the installation program again and using Remove?


HI Henrik,

I checked my MD settings and they match yours. The CPU does run at high 90’s all the time so I suspect this could be contributing factor. I have the Recording settings all set to max - video quality, Preset and FPS. I’m running 4 cameras.

Most likely this is the problem. What CPU do you have? 4 HD cams use a lot of cpu. I would recommend you to start with only 1 camera and learn how NCS works with that CPU and change settings. What camera is it? Settings that use a lot of cpu is FPS

and also if you have a camera with many megapixel.


Thanks for suggestions Henrik, I’ll remove cameras and test further. My CPU is an i5 from 3 years ago so it’s a bit dated. I’ll monitor the next few days and report back but I have a feeling reducing the cameras and adjust recording settings will resolve my issue.


An i5 should be OK, but maybe it is the very high HD cams :slight_smile:
Good luck,