Removing a camera changes the url (and ids) of other cameras


I am having an issue with NetCam Studio API.

Cameras are shifting their IDs when other cameras are removed. So the url of a camera that used to be is now reconfigured with the ID=14 ( because Camera 3 was previously removed.

Is there any workaround? I need the cameras url to be fixed


Hi Fabio!
Yes, I agree. It is a little bit to dynamic :slight_smile: However, to keep the ID do the following. Right click on the camera image. At the top of the menu you can enable/disable the camera. Disable it. It will keep the position/ID, but it will not show up in the clients so the ID for the rest of the cameras are preserved.

Oh, ok, I see your point. I’ll do that, thanks!

Another thing, please: the API provides a GUID for each camera, is that right? I can see it in the service’s return:

SourceName: “camera 1”,
SourceUID: “8e0f6526-d1b4-40a5-be90-1fd3761dd071”

My question: is it really unique, per camera? Is there a way in the API to query cameras based on this parameter?

Thanks Henrik!

Hm, I am not sure where you find that SourceUID ? Usually that long text string, Token, is a combination of several parameters like camera source, access control, … or camera source, video, date, time, … access. It sure is an internal format.
Here you can find more about WebAPI for control of NCS. It is better to use these standard commands