Reolink NVR RLN8-410 plus RLC-810A Cameras

Hi I have upgraded my NVR to the following:

Reolink NVR RLN8-410
RLC-810A x 4 Cameras

According to Reolink the URL for RSTP should be as follows:

Main Stream : rtsp://username:password@

I have tested this in VCL and I can connect to each different camera by changing the end string to:


This all works fin in VCL Player

but when I add the camera to Netcam Studio Client it fails
when using the custom URL feature.

I have also tried the long format and that also fails

Has anyone else got this combination to work

In the tab Custom URL set stream type to rtsp_,ip
In password do not use special characters like ? ,! # etc.
Make sure there are no extra spaces anywhere.

Hi Henrick,

the custom URL worked if I changed the password to a number instead of a alphanumeric password.

Odd but now working using just numbers for the password.

Thank you for you assistance :slight_smile:

Good. You can also use A-Z and a-z.

yes - but not a mix of letters and numbers - one or the other all works good - thank you