Replay black and short

Hello all

I am testing to see if I want to add more cameras and upgrade to paid. But I’m having one problem when I have a motion alarm and view the file with the app it will say something like 25 seconds recorded. When I play the file it’s 2 seconds long one screen shot or black screen for a couple of seconds. Even if I go to the computer the video says one thing on time but plays for maybe 2 seconds.

Hi! Yes, this seems to be a problem that some of us have. I don’t think there is a solution for this for the moment since it seems difficult to recreate for the developers. However, have you the latest .NET framework 4.5.2 installed? Also, from your text above I assume that you play the file through the web och windows client. If you play the file directly from the folder on the hard drive, is it 25 seconds or is it still 2 seconds?

I will check my framework but the same issues if I run the file from the save folder on the computer. What is the best format to save the file in and should I change to vlc rather then internal

I think I use Internal, but test. I hope @admin and the NCS people are back soon since there are some tricky questions in the forum. Maybe they prepare a late X-mas present for us all ;).

If even the file on disk is bad / corrupted (because in the past we had playback issues through the web client but local files were fine) then it can be 2 things:

  • The computer doesn’t have enough CPU to be able to compress / record the video and therefore it’s barely able to add a few frames to the video (please report the cpu usage when not recording and when recording)
  • The settings for video recording have been modified in a way that FFMPEG doesn’t like

What is the resolution of your cameras (and therefore your videos)

Please post screenshot of the video recording / compression settings.


Issue should be fixed in 1.3.1