Restrict audio and certain video streams to certain users over web? (Webcam 7 Pro)

How do I restrict audio streams and particular cameras to certain users / guests, whilst providing audio and video access to others (or administrators)? Our product is webcam 7 Pro.

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Hi Marc! Go to Access restrictions where you can control that.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have looked in Access Restrictions and can limit a user to a single source, but I cant see how to limit audio to particular users, or for that matter grant a user access to more than one camera.

Thanks in advance.

Yes (or no), you are correct ;). If you want to limit audio to users you have to do that in the camera or in the connection with the camera. But, if you want to deliver audio to some users I do not see how to do that. Also, it seems that you grant a user access to all or only one of the cameras.
Yes, limitation in webcamxp/7 and therefore Netcam Studio was developed where you can control a lot of things much better as for example grant user access to any of the cams. For the audio I do not see a solution. After all it is primary a system for live images ;). You can download Netcam Studio and use it for two cams in the free license and evaluate that system.

Thanks Henrik. That is disappointing about the audio. Are there any options with the advanced settings editor that maybe worth exploring? Programming/scripting etc would not be a problem, but I could do with finding a workaround if possible.

I will check out Netcam studio eval athough my client has just upgraded from private to pro, and I would prefer to avoid another purchase if possible.

Unfortunately, that is beyond my knowledge and must be discussed with our developers.
If you find Netcam Studio interesting it is always possible to discuss a change of license.