Retention period of library not working

I have Netcam Studio and have the retention for library set to 3 days. I assume this feature will delete every recording older than 3 days old but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I have to go into the recorded folder and manually delete those folders older than 3 days. This is for motion detected recordings. I don’t want to keep anything over 3 days as I don’t want to waist hard drive space.

I see there is a setting for “clean synchronized items only” I have not noticed any difference by putting a check in the box or not.

Maybe I don’t understand this option or it is broke.

Thanks for any help

Do the folders that are older than 3 days contain any file ?

The cleanup procedure removes the files as soon as they expire but I think that it doesn’t delete the old folders. It can also happen that if the software crashes or is not properly closed, some files have not been indexed and therefore will never be cleaned however this shouldn’t happen.

This may work, I have restarted the program several times working things out. I will let the program run without shutting it down and see if that fixes it.
Thanks for the reply

Restarting should be ok (if it’s done properly). It saves the indexes every 5 minutes + when the software is quitted.

Apart situations like changing the Library folder then it should continue to keep control on the files and delete them as they expire.