Rotate image 90 deg

Most of the cams today are very nice with a wide angle like 1280x720. If you are monitoring a street with houses and mount the camera in a normal way you will see a lot of walls and not so much of the street. If you rotate the camera 90 deg you will see a lot of street which is good. However, then you need to rotate the image electronically 90 deg. Today only 180 deg is possible. Image to the left shows how it looks like in NCS and image to the right how I would like to have it after rotating 90 deg. Is that option difficult to add in the setting where you add a new camera?

I need that too. Is that possible add?

this is a must in the Software, please add this feature or tell us how to do it.
Normaly the webcam can do this by Settings in the webcam, but i have one that can’t do this.

Please add this Feature also…

Fishey Correction was also a nice Feture, tool


There is only the possibility to flip (upside-down) in Netcam Studio.

However as it seems to be a popular request, I will consider it for upcoming versions…

It has been included in the latest 1.2.9

Tank you, that makes me very happy!