RTSP streams stop


The issue I’m seeing is that Netcamstudio stops displaying the rstp steam, all I see is a fixed image, the camera is still working, proved by loging on and viewing camera. Netcamstudio’s counters on the bottom right hand side of the image are still counting up but the image does not change. This is using the VLC plugin setting, I have changed over to using the ‘InBuilt’ decoder to test, however this still suffers from corruption, but at present is not stopping. The machine where Netcamstudio is running, is using about 50% cpu. I do have about 9 rstp streams coming in. all using the ‘escam’ cameras.


If the streams are lost with VLC and corrupted with internal I would think that the problem is with the streams or the network.

The internal decoder can suffer artefacts if it’s losing packets usually because of cpu usage, about the VLC decoder there isn’t much that we can do at least without being able to reproduce the problem first.

Here I have been running RTSP streams with motion detection in both modes for multiple days without the above problems on Axis, Panasonic and D-link cameras.


I have configured the cameras to send 5 fps! The network is fine… I have fully tested it, I am very competent software engineer, and have been working on networks for 10s of years. The CPU is fine, only 50% worse case.
VLC does not corrupt. The internal decoder does all the time. I have googled re VLC and stopping decoding, and there is quite a bit of talk about increasing the network cache that VLC uses, via its’ arguments etc…

These escam cameras are very popular here in the UK, I have many friends using them, might be an idea to get a test one.

I have also viewed a camera via Internet Explorer, no corruption.


Do you have settings at camera side that allows playing with the streams quality ? (switching from MPEG4 to x264), changing the compression rate, etc…

If so please post a screenshot here of the settings page.

In VLC (player), can you connect a stream and will it run forever ? Do you use the latest VLC 2.2.1 ?


First test:
Netcamstudio using Internal Decoder
VLC 2.2.1
Both running at the same time on the same source.

Corruption occured after a very short time
Corruption on Netcamstudio
No corruption VLC

Netcamstudio using Internal Decoder
VLC 2.2.1
Internet Explorer - viewing same as VLC and Netcamstudio

Corruption on Netcamstudio
No corruption VLC
No corruption Internet Explorer

Here is a screen shot of the issue, plus VLC running

and here is a shot of the camera setup


PS: will be leaving VLC running to see if it stops seeing the stream from the camera.

I have maybe found a way to reduce those artefacts. They are already very rare on my end but I have found articles and clues from where it may come from.

I will make some tests here and look forward to make the required modifications for 1.1.8 so that you can test on your end and see if it helps.

When streams stop in VLC mode, does it report something in the logs ?

Please give a try to 1.1.8, I hope it will also solve the problem on your end.


On my side artefacts were rare and I don’t have them at all anymore but I have just tested for a few hours. Normally they were happening at the begining when connecting or reconnecting sources or when the CPU or Network usage were high.

If you use the custom url dialog to connect your sources, ensure that you select RTSP_TCP, not Unknown or another mode.

Hello, Well 1.1.8 has been running a couple of hours now, and all looks good, no corruption :slight_smile: I’ll will keep my eye on it and update you later.

Hello, I have been watching one of my cams all day, I am still seeing the same corruption but much less than I experienced with version 1.1.7

I also experienced some suddenly usually after losing connection to the camera and reconnecting.

I have modified settings of some of my camera to use best resolution / quality and 25fps.

It was apparently partially due because by default it would try to use UDP, now trying to use TCP if available.

I will see if there if anything which can be done to further improve.