RTSP Timeout on full hd camera - bug

Hello, Netcam studio is very nice piece of software - we are thinking to use for all the upcoming applications.
But I have a problem with a Camera we must use in 3 upcoming installations.
With VLC they work well, but they took 12 seconds before the video comes on the screen.
Netcam studio in the log says "LibAV did not provide a frame after 15 seconds. Reinitializing connection (Retry 52)"
I guess this 15 seconds time out is a little bit short in this case. Can I change it ?
If you want I can give you internet access to a couple of cams we have here for testing.
I guess this can be of interest for many people, these are very price aggressive camera with good quality:
The cameras are based on two chips named A5S66 and IMX22, available from many vendors on the web.
Thx for helping.

Hi! At the moment it’s not possible to change this timeout. I’ve added this issue to task list and will write here when it’s scheduled to be fixed.