RTSP timeout setting

Hello !

The program is really very good. I just can’t find a way to increase the waiting time for the RTSP connection, and it is extremely important since many remote cameras take more than 30 seconds to start the transmission. Please is there a way to extend the waiting time?
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Greetings from Argentina

I assume you use the tab for Custom URL. When you have entered the URL and click on the check sign NCS starts to connect to the camera. It will continue to connect to the cameras for the stream until you stop it manually. So if it takes 30 seconds for the camera to deliver an rtsp stream it will show up after 30 seconds. I am not quite sure what you mean with waiting time. Maybe you can send me a complete URL so I can enter it in my system for test. Send to support@netcamstudio.com

Hello Henrik, thanks for your answer !
Yes I’m using Custom URL, with that URL in VLC it works perfectly although it takes time to connect.
In NCS it tries to connect but after a while the connection fails, NCS tries to connect again but fails again because the time it waits to connect is not long enough.
I read in another post from 2015 that they requested the same thing.
This happens when the camera is not in the LAN, when it is through the Internet with port forwarding, it takes much longer to connect. Later I try to send you the URL.

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