Rtsp version problem

The following string rtsp://6ESRfWM9:k8Adrgx@saab-landreus.dyndns.org/live0
works in version 1.9.2 but not in version 1.9.5
Any suggestion?

Does it work in VLC?
Can it be a port problem? Here you run NCS on port 80. Did you do a port translation in the router from 80 to 8100?
Did you change port from 8100 to 80 in the NCS configuration file?

Henrik, of cause you are right. the two computers are running different gateways. The one that does not work is a Sophos on a PC. That one is is very strict even on outgoing traffic.
The two Netcam servers are on the same network.If I set default gateway to the same Unifi gateway it works with VLC and Netcam. :slightly_smiling_face:

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