RuleActionManager has not been initialized


Im starting to implement some custom overlays and I’m pulling my JSON info from I’ve setup my global variable which is populated when I first hit the checkmark, but I still get this error message below. After this it will not refresh on its own (refresh set to 600 as you are only allowed to pull data every 10 minutes). If I open global variables up again and hit the refresh arrows it does grab the latest data, but still throws the error and will not update automatically. I’m running NCS as a Service on a Win10 64 bit box v1.6.1.

Failed to retrieve Json content for
Exception Detail:RuleActionManager has not been initialized for this App Domain!

help troublehsooting?


Global variable not updating

This one I have to forward to @Steve.



I gave it a try and it’s really a bug in 1.6.1 so it’s not a configuration issue on your end or something that you can fix easily by yourself so we need to publish a version which fixes that.




Ok Steve thank you. I will wait for the release with a fix.