Rules Manager and variables



i have a 16 channels license.

I would like to receive mails about sources connection lost, sources connection re-established, service started/stopped and info on which source have the problem.

I found %sourceId and %sourceName variables to put in object/text of the mail.

There is a list of variables that i can use in this mails?

There a method to send a mail when the service start/stop?

Thank you in advance for the replies!!!


If you look in the Rule mager you see what is available. In notifications where the email is configured it is also possible to add a picture from that camera. Test the email function and you see whats´s there.
When the service starts/stops the program start stops so emails for that must be managed from Windows OS. A watch-dog that continuously monitor should fix that.


thx henrik,

but there’s a list with codes (that i can use in the subject/text of the mail) like this:


??? or are only these 2?


These two are already in use by the rule. No more what I am aware of. I am not sure what you are looking for, but you have also WebAPI