Running Netcam Studio on Windows Server OS

Netcam Studio runs fine on:
-server 2008R2
-server 2012R2
-server 2016
-server 2019

Apart from the prerequisites described on the download page the following features must also be enabled: framework 3.5
-for server 2008R2 enable Desktop experience.
-for server 2012R2 and above enable Media Foundation.

If you run a server OS most likely the computer have a processor that do not have a graphics processor. Netcam Studio will gain a lot in performance if a graphics card is added to the system and Netcam Studio is configured for hardware acceleration. It do not need to be a top of the line graphics card, but the cumbersome decoding calculations are off-loaded to the graphics card.

If you are inrterested to run Netcam Studio on server core read this topic Netcam studio on Server Core


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