Samsung Techwin SNC-550 not supported

this camera is on the list of supported cameras, but in reality the connection pattern for this camera does not work. I contacted the customer support twice. The first time I was asked to give access to the camera, and I complied with this request. However, I never received a reply. My second appeal remained unanswered at all. It has been over a month since my first letter to the support service.
On the main page of your site is written “webcamXP is the most popular webcam and network camera software for Windows”. The reaction of your helpdesk to my queries casts
doubt on this.


We apologize for the delay in testing your camera, our technician is working to meet all according to each request.

Contact our support desk and ask the progress of your request.

Our colleague taking care of the templates is on sick leave so there are delays in templates creations actually.

Additionally we give the priority to the customers with license since it is a time consuming task.

So most of the support requests can be fulfilled quickly but unfortunately not the ones related to verifying and updating templates.

Thank you for your attention to my problem. But the problem also is that I removed this camera from object to arrange for your staff access to the camera via the Internet. Two months the camera is in this state. I hope that your colleague has recovered now?

Dear @skyrider
First of all, I want to apologize for my bad follow-up your request. I’ve been back to support after my unexpected accident.
Regarding your Samsung SNC-550, I’ve been working on it from yesterday and I find the solution for it.
The setting of the stream in the IP camera needs to be configured to use JPEG compression for channel 1 and set the Video Output to Channel 1.
Currently, there is no alternative template which can be used in NCS to connect it. However, you can use the manual target URL:


I will reply to your original request email with detail instruction shortly.