Save video before motion is triggered

Hi guys!
Sometimes it is of interest to actually see what triggered the motion detection, i.e. I would also like to save the video for example 2-5 seconds before the trigger started. Is that possible?
Regards, Henrik

Hi Henrik!
Right now motion detector starts recording only when trigger is started. If stream is fast enough (at least, 10 fps), it’s exactly the same second and object which triggered MD is in camera field of view.

This would be a great feature to add to the suggestions queue.

I’ve seen other software that has the ability to record before the event, and they do it by constantly recording the feed. So, for example, a camera could be pointed at the front entrance and will be recording 24/7 to your DVR. If the software is triggered by motion, the software will note the time of the occurence and then grab the video recording plus the extra time before the motion. The recording/motion alert is then saved as a file for review.