Scheduler irregularties


I am experiencing strangeness with the scheduler. I have 7 cameras setup and being monitored with Netcam. I have a schedule setup for motion detection on each, however the schedule is slightly different for each. Every now and then, the scheduler will either not trigger motion detection to turn off, may not turn it on when it was scheduled to, or it will turn on motion detection for a camera that is scheduled to be off at those times. This seems to happen at random. Maybe every 1.5 - 2 weeks.

I run Netcam as a service on Win10. When this behavior occurs, I stop/restart the service and things seem to work again for a while.

I am running the latest version of Netcam.

Any thoughts?


Hi Troy,
One of those “fun” problems to investigate :slight_smile:
I see if I can setup this. However, how do you check this? When it goes wrong it stays in the wrong state until you restart?
Do you have some other software running that for some reason can change the clock of the computer?
If you run NCS X (the blue icon) instead is it the same problem?


I notice the scheduler strangeness from two different aspects. One, I can see in the Netcam client that motion detection is on for a camera that has it scheduled to be off, or vice-versa, depending on the behavior. Two, I have triggers setup on these cameras to capture time-lapse video during motion events and these cameras are capturing the time-lapse video during times when the motion detection is scheduled to be off.

When it does go wrong, it usually stays wrong until I manually stop/start the motion detection or stop/start the Netcam service.

I do not believe I have anything else running that changes the clock. I am pretty meticulous in knowing what is running on my system, since I am an IT professional.

I almost never run the NCS X executable, since I mainly run this as a service, so that it survives logoff’s and other users logging into the system. I only generally run NCS X when I want to modify camera configurations, since I have observed camera configurations don’t seem to stay persistent when I change them using the client. So unfortunately, I can’t speak to whether this behavior is exhibited with NCS X.



Thanks for additional info. We have not had this before, but it’s always a first. I will see if I can recreate this.
Can you post a picture of a schedule for a camera that have this problem.


Attached below is a screenshot of the schedule for the offending camera I had last night. As you can see, motion detection is set to be off overnight. However, when I reviewed this morning (at 7:45 am), I discovered motion detection was on for this camera and had been on all night. I have Netcam configured to time-lapse video during motion events and I discovered it recorded that time-lapse video many times overnight on this camera.

One other piece of information to add for this most recent scenario…I have discovered that my Win10 system auto-rebooted last night for the Windows Update installations. However, upon reboot, based on this schedule, I would have expected it to start our being turned off.