Screensaver Prevented while Running

Hi, I understand that it’s appropriate to block a machine running NetCam Studio from entering sleep mode. However this is also appearing to prevent Screensavers (And thus Power Saving efforts such as Monitors automatic sleep mode)

As it stands I am having to considering alternative products as losing automatic PC Locking is unacceptable for me.
What if I accidentally forget to lock my PC (Happens often for me) and then someone breaks in to my property and sees the PC is unlocked after noticing the Camera’s. Surely they’d delete the evidence and then turn the PC off!

Of course my PC is already set up to never enter sleep mode so that’s of no concern.

Please add a Option to disable this Screensaver Block!

We will consider adding an option in future releases. Thank you!

This is a bit of an issue for me.

I have the server part running on my server, to supply my network PCs as clients, but the server now just sits there with the monitor blaring and not locking itself.

I now have the hassle of having to remember to lock the PC and consciously turn the monitor off.

Other surveillance applications I tried either don’t block screensaver/screen turn off/locking, or have an option to control the feature.

This is the primary “bug”/problem I have with NetcamStudio at the moment, which is a shame for an otherwise great piece of software.

Should be fine in 1.2.5, the PC will still not go to sleep but the screen should be is allowed to display the screensaver and go to sleep.

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