Script for netcam studio client to connect automatically to several servers from a host

I have 2 ncs servers running on 2 different hosts.
I would like to do a script or a macro to be able to start an ncs client accessing automatically to each server in order to start automaticlally one or 2 clients on the same host accessing to each server.
Maybe I have not read enough the other topics or the manual and sorry for that but I have not found up to now to do that.

It is ok to access to a server automitically after configuration of the server’s address and password in the client configuration panel and after setting "save password and connect automtically next time ".
But If I want to access to the second server I have to logout from the current server , and then reconfigure the remote server in the configuration panel of the client and after that no way to access automatically to the previous host .

Is it possible to do a script or another way to call the client with the server’s parameters ?

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Hi there!
Interesting question. You can control NCS with WebAPI, but I am not sure if exactly this is possible. It would help if you can describe a little bit more what you would like to accomplish in the end. Why do you have two servers? Are they geographically different located or is that one server have USB cam or … Why do you want to do this automatically and what or who should control the script? and …
One possibility is to connect the two NCS servers with each other and then you only need to access one on them to see everything, but that depends on the setup and the desired end result.


thanks for your reply,
It was just a question, if it is not possible I will use the web client with one URL for each server to acces quickly to tthe cam’s display on each server. I will use the application client interface to manage server parameters.

Yes the 2 servers are geographically different located, and I thought it was better to manage the cams which do a lot motion capture on their local network with a ncs server located there to reduce the load on each server and on internet…
For the security point of view also, if one of a server is down, the other still continue to work . But it is not a HA … In cas of failure, only one site will still run with its own cams.
The libray are synchronized between the 2 server with ftp.
when you say "connect the 2 ncs server whcith each other " i am not sure I understand how to do this.


Hi Maurice,
Nice setup. I would do it in the same way!
Here How to connect one NCS server with another NCS server can you read more about what I mean with connecting two NCS servers together. In one setup I use a separate high-end microphone and then a usb-cam just to see what is going on. The video and sound is mixed together in NCS under the tab Webcam/Local source. Sound and video are continuously recorded and stored locally. The video/audio is then transferred to the main NCS system (in which there are many more cams) just for viewing so I only have to login to one system.
We are in the process of developing NCS Security Management Server to which you can connect all your different NCS servers. In that system you can have different tabs for NCS1, NCS2, etc. to get a good overview.