Scrolling in library 1.5.1

I just installed 1.5.1 (x64) today and as someone else reported, I had to re-add all of my custom URL cameras; however, no big deal.
My first issue is a major change was made in the way we view thumbs in the library. The way it used to be was that it scrolled horizontally and wrapped each line with the mouse scroll button. This was great for going through hundreds of thumbnails looking for anything of interest. I often get hundreds of thumbnails per day on my outdoor cameras from rain/snow/fog/spiders/etc. and this scrolling method allowed me to stare at a single thumb on the screen and scroll through them all, easily identifying anything of interest. Now, I have to scan the row manually across which is not only much harder to do, it is much less accurate at picking out small differences.
My next issue is not new in this version, but still persists. If I am in the library view and view a couple of clips, everything is fine. However, if I get distracted by an incoming email of whatever, and go back a few minutes later to look at more clips, the authentication to the server has timed out. The timer is too short, and in my opinion, shouldn’t be there at all. I have to log out and back in to resume watching clips. Also, in this version, you are not even prompted to reauthenticate as in the previous version.


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I personally also like the way of scrolling in previous versions however it was a bit sluggish and on not at all standard regarding how windows applications usually behave.

On top of that it wasn’t possible to select items which are not rendered on screen (for deleting / downloading) so in order to fix that we went to a Explorer-style view which on top of that seems to be much faster.

For the authentication, you’re right it’s nothing new however it doesn’t happen in my case anymore.

Do you use NCSX or NCS Client ? Since there is now a background thread polling the server normally a session initiated by Netcam Studio X or Client doesn’t expire anymore.

If I understand your question, I am using the regular NCS client, with NCSX running as a service. Both client and server are on the same system.
After the session expires, when I double-click on a thumb, it pops up the VLC window, then immediately closes it, without showing a video.
However, if I click on the red download arrow, it downloads the video with no issue. Maybe the download function re-authenticates?
Would it make sense to add an authentication event as part of the double-click to view the video?

yes because download sends the credentials in the headers (username/password).

For VLC we cannot do that as we can only provide a url and in this case we have no choice than sending an auth token. Solution would be to retrieve a new token every time the user enters the library, this would probably solve the problem.

I just verified that the session stays up while using the library in NCSX.

But couldn’t you retrieve a new token as part of the double-click, before sending the URL off to VLC? If that’s possible, it should never fail.


Yes, i was checking and there is something like this already in place (but apparently not working as it should).

Netcam Studio X also uses a longer local admin token that is valid as long as the app is started (changes on restart), that’s the 2nd why.

Looking forward to fix this one…

Awesome, thank you!!