Search for equivalent cam VSTARCAM 720p

hi everybody,

Does somebody know witch cam, among the Netcam studio list, i can select for a VSTARCAM 720p ? Till now I have just found 480 cam.


I general we need more information like model etc. However, if it is this cam according to the specification it support ONVIF so this is hopefully your lucky day :slight_smile:

In the latest version of Netcam Studio 1.4.3 it now also support ONVIF PTZ. Download NCS here Netcam Studio 1.5.1.

When you add a new camera use the tab for ONVIF. If the camera support ONVIF PTZ it will also be discovered. This is not a guarantee, since many cams say onvif, but not support onvif ptz. So far NCS have managed to find most of the onvif ptz cams. Make sure that you have the latest firmware in the camera.

So test this and please report back how it goes.

Good luck,

HI Henrik,
Thank’s for this fast answer.
It’s not my luky day, apparently the cam not support ONVIF. The C7824wip can be selected but if i select this cam, the "test connection button become unavailable.

The model of my cam is T7833WIP.


Hi Patrick,
Yes, this is something quite different. If you select the camera C7824wip the test connection button becomes unavailable. That is correct since that template use rtsp protocol and cannot be tested like that. However, if you click on save do you get video, audio, ptz?
If you do the same for the 3 other templates for vstarcams. None of them work?
Even if you do not get video/audio do the ptz works for any of the templates?

Now it becomes more tricky. You can test the following:

Test also this:

  • add the camera with the tab Custom URL.
  • set stream type to rtsp_tcp
  • in the Address field write rtsp://username:password@ipnumber/h264
  • save this. Any video and audio?

This camera is a little bit old I think and it do not support the protocols where you have video and audio in the same stream. It is not clear from the information I have at least.


Hi Henrik,
I have not try to save C7824 config and I will try it today. With others config I have video but only 640x480 and I would like to have the 1080x720 video than this cam can do.
Thank’s. Very much.


Do ptz works?
There is a parameter called resolution that is sent together with the URL. For 640x480 it is resolution=32. What is it for 1080x720?
Have you tested using the template for vstarcam H6837WI ?

Yes PTZ works for other Vstarcam templates. I have try to save C7824 template, but that don’t work. We can find in event logs: connection is lost try to reconnect in 500ms.
Where is resolution parameter ? I never seen it.


Good that ptz works. That is usually the dificult part. Go into the configuration of the camera. Sometimes you can figure out the correct URL from that information.
With the resolution parameter you set vga, qvga or …, This camera have another system for resolution which I cannot find. Very little info on Internet of this cam. Many cams have their own program. Do you have that?
Can you give me access to the camera?

Yes the cam have it’s own Windows program called EYE4 which display the video in 1080x720 , as well as it’s own web interface which is also in 720p with internet explorer (strangely with firefox you can have just 640x480!!). In the parameters, there is an distant URL but no video parameter.

To continue I need access to the camera. I send you a PM.

hi Henrik
can you send me a PM, The last one does not work anymore, i have a new Wireshark file