Second Camera not working

I have an Intopic Web Cam which has been working fine on Win7 Ultimate 32 bit for two months on the Free Version of Webcam XP5 and I am considering buying the Full Edition . However the second camera (Logitech C170) just shows a black screen and resolution of 0x0. No problems with it in other software (ie Debut). I’ve been trying for days to get it working so I know that I must be doing something wrong. Help, please!

It’s usually related to lack of usb bandwidth. Ensure it’s directly connected to the computer (no hub / extender) and on a usb channel with not other webcam (2 ports can be on same usb channel).

If you first disconnect the first one does it work then ? It would confirm an usb bandwidth problem.

Thank you very much for your input, Admin. I tried all that. I wasn’t using a hub but, indeed, the two USB jacks were next to each other - so I moved the Logitech to another USB jack in a different place. There was no difference. Then I disconnected the Intopic and re-started the programme. Again, no difference!

Hi again. After all this time and after having exhausted every help web site, I am still no nearer a solution. Logic told me to look at the Drivers in ‘Device Manager - Imaging Devices’.
I note that both cameras use ‘C\Windows\system32\drivers\usbvidoe.sys’ and logic tells me that one of them ought to be changed. However,
I have spent hours downloading manufacturer’s Drivers and trying to install them. No matter what, the result is always, ‘Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date’.
The two cameras did run side by side for a couple of days but I have no idea why!

I’m afraid you are slightly misinformed. Here is the admin response from another post:

WebCamXP is a good program, but unfortunately, it does not support large number of USB cameras. Despite the fact that they work fine with other Windows programs.
I can advise to switch to more cumbersome, but is currently being developed Netcam Studio.