Security Breach Notification possible?

I just got my system configured so I can access my cameras external to the network. Is it possible to setup a notification if there is a failed login attempt?
I know years back when I setup an FTP server, There were hundreds of people that tried to log in with dictionary attacks. But I only learned of that by scrolling through the logs. I’m hoping there is a more automated notification with Netcam. :wink:

Question is, ok you are warned but then what ? I got dozen of login a attempts on my servers (web, ftp, ssh…), it’s logged in but I do nothing expect setting some automatic ban for a few minutes.

So interesting question is : do NCS have some ban or slow down login security protection ? for example if same IP failed to login 3x times then ban it for 30 seconds for example.

Hi Ted,
NCS do not have that feature.

@Dodfr makes a great point! I have 20 character passwords for each of the accounts I am using. But the risk is always there. If Netcam is willing to work on even a basic security feature, I would be happy to perform testing.

One big complaint I have is the admin account. A snooper’s first attempt is going to be by trying to use the username “admin” or “administrator”. But if you revoke permissions from the the admin account, it wreaks havok on the application interface on the computer it is running on. It would be great if you can disable the admin account and set a different admin account to log into the tool when it first loads up.

Just my $.02 :slight_smile:

Test to change the Rights of the Admin account.