Security Stickers - Feedback needed

We are thinking about ordering and providing High Quality Security Stickers.

Hopefully we can make this for free at least for customers who purchased a 64-Sources license in 2015 (apart shipping costs) and for a small amount (should be around 2 USD per sticker) just in order to cover the costs for the other users.

There are 2 main reasons behind this idea:

  • II several countries, it’s mandatory to announce it if you are monitoring an outdoor area
  • It can help to discourage thieves or vandals if they see that the premise in under video surveillance

We would like to have your opinion on this:

  • Does this idea make sense and would you need / use them ?
  • What would be the optimal size ? (We are thinking about 3x3’’ so about 8x8cm) ?
  • Please review the 4 current draft layouts below and tell us which one you prefer and your suggestions (Layout, Fonts, Icon, Text)

You can refer to them as A, B, C, D. We will probably keep 2 layouts.

My personal favourites are C and D.

If you have ideas or are in the mood of designing something, feel free to participate :slight_smile:

I like C. It really stands out the best!

I would be interested in C. I would need about 5 stickers.

C or D. As enroberts said, C does stands out best.

C is best among 4.
I think C in black-yellow layout is also a good option. Yellow is more preferable for a caution whereas red is a warning, just my opinion :blush:

Ok, what about this variation ?

I prefer the rendering with this font (Impact) rather the original (Arial Black). Also Warning is maybe more appropriate to the red.

If people seem to agree, I will order a small batch this week to review the quality and send some samples to the ones who contributed to this topic…

D Variation also with Impact font:

I like C and D as well

I like the modified C (red).

A sample batch is on the way.

Send me your address by PM and I will send some some to the ones who gave their opinion here once I receive them.

I like C - Good thought on the stickers!

the sample batch has arrived!

I you want some please reply to this thread and send me your full address by private message. I can provide some for the first 5 to reply and the ones who gave their opinion during the design.

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I like the smaller Black/Yellow sticker. It’s a little less obtrusive and yet it is still visible to visitors. Can I have one?

I prefer C myself. The red stands out as a warning but I do like the smaller size of the black and yellow B.

I prefer the D design. As already stated, the yellow/black color scheme usually denotes a warning. The camera icon makes the purpose of the sticker more recognizable at a glance. Even at distances at which the text may not be legible, one would gather the meaning of the camera silhouette more quickly than the dark circle of the peephole/lens. Also, the silhouette would better communicate the sign’s meaning to someone who does not understand English at all.

@vvFoxvv and @AndrewB send me you addresses by PM.

@NekoHunter and @myyodamail, I have yours already and I will send when I get a new batch normally next week.

Will more stickers be available soon?

I received the stickers, and they look great. I put it on a small sign in the front yard. I’ll take a picture and post later on.