Service Account issues


Got problems with archive directory when I’m using the Netcam Studio X server service. Everything work properly when I run the .exe file.
I believe the problem is with CIFS using a different login method when using the service. Unable to record anything due to no access.
Service account is set up with “Allow service to interact with desktop”.

See the screenshot below for details.

From Netcam Studio server:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

From your screenshot I see that you use an external NAS for storage. When NCS is run as a service on a local account Windows do not allow any activities on the network due to security… You need to change the following in the Service configuration

You need to use a regular account preferably with admin right, but that is not necessary.

Also when you set it up liker that you will not see the free space on the NAS. If you first set a drive letter to the NAS and the use that drive letter in NCS it iwll see tha free space on the NAS:

Last I would recommend you use the latest version NCS 1.4.1 from here Netcam Studio 1.5.1 - #3


Thanks Henrik,

Works when using UNC and specifying local admin account, but not with mapping a letter.

It works, but it depends on how the NAS is setup. Total space is fine, but what is left can differ.