Session timeout using Netcam Studio Client


I don’t believe this used to happen, but since I upgraded to the latest version, my session with the web server (I think) times out. When I first start Netcam Studio Client, I am able to view the videos without authenticating, but if I leave it time out, maybe 10 minutes, then come back and try to view another video, I get an authentication popup. If I log in, the video will play, but when I immediately click on another video, the authentication window pops up again. I end up closing the client and starting it again. It’s kind of annoying so I am wondering if there is anywhere I can tweak the timeout.


Yes, that is correct behavior. It is for security. If the web client is open and not used for a certain amount of time it is logged out. No parameter to change this.

I have the same issue using the standard Netcam Studio Client. I agree that it is an issue as I leave the client open all the time on my personal system. Just one video I have to log in; If I want to watch more than one video it’s easier to close the client and reopen it. It’s a PAIN.