Set Net Cam Studio X start with Windows 10

I’ve had problems with power outages and when my computer restarts it doesn’t load Net Cam Studio, then I have no monitoring.
I have tried to get NetCam Studio X to start with Windows 10 but have not been successful.
Anyone have a tutorial that explains the steps I need to follow for that?

Thanks in advance!

Hello. Therefore we have Netcam Studio running as a Service. Go to Windows Services and there you have Netcam Studio. Set Automatic Startup with Windows. If you have many services that start with Windows it might be good to use Delayed Automatic startup, but test.
More info in section Guides and Tutorials.

What Henrik Said, Studio runs as a service, and his advice with Delay Startup is spot on.

Lowell - Retired IT consultant

Hello guys,

I don’t know what I did wrong, but I’ll try to explain how I did it:

1- Windows button
2- Write services
3- Run as administrator
4- Found Netcam Studio Server (64)
5- Right click and Properties
6- Start method: Automatic
7- OK and rebooted

Then the Netcam Studio App does not appear to be running as usual and when I try to run Netcam Studio it appears as in the picture attached to this entry.

Please read the guide ones more. All info there.