Seting up SMS alerts

Hi, Ive just installed WebcamXP so I can use my webcam as a short term
security cam. As part of its functionality it says i am able to send an SMS
text message to my phone when the motion detection is triggered. My provider is GiffGaff and the below are the settings needed but I cant get it to work. I think the problem is with syntax as I need to use the “username-giffgaff” in the http post Url box. Can anyone help me with the correct syntax. This is one of the several i have tried

  1. http post URL for SMS provider - and I am using “, username:[giffgaff]”
  2. Mobile number - and I am using mine “07957xxxxxx”
  3. http post paramters - and I am using “number=[number]&message=A+motion+has+been+detected&carrier=teleflip&submit=Send+it”


Connection Name: giffgaff
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not Set
Username: giffgaff
Password: [leave blank]

Hi!. The syntax might be:

I recommend you to set up a password. Not for security, but it will protably not work without a password ,). A “blank” is not accepted.

Thanks but no, it doesnt work :frowning: