Setting library to Network location?

I have everything working and set up correctly, when I change my library location to a mapped network drive (ex: Z:\Library) the server doesn’t record and I get “I/O Error while checking disk space” in the error log.

General Information:
Network drive is in a RAID drive on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine.
Netcam Studio is running on a Windows 10 virtual machine on the server with Hyper-V.
The network share has full permissions. I can navigate all the way to the Library folder and create, edit, and remove files.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi Steve,
It’s about permissions. Are you running NCS X or NCS as a service?
If you run as a service NCS must be logged in to an Admin account to be allowed for network activities.
Run NCS in an account with Admin rights.
Instead of using a mapping of a network drive use the direct path in the Library setting.


I played around with it after reading your response and I got it to work. It’s now saving to the network share like it should. I gave up on mapping the network drive and used the full UNC path (\Server\Share\Library) and that did the trick. The Free Space in the status bar at the bottom still says 0MB but the event log isn’t throwing up the I/O error anymore.

Thanks for your help!

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