Setting Up 2 Identical Webcams

I’m using Netcam Studio X v. (Free version) and I’m trying to add 2 identical webcams (brand: Trust). However, Netcam Studio seems to be only able to add one of the webcams at the same time. When I go to ‘Add Source’, it does say ’ Trust Webcam’ twice, but when I’ve added one of the webcams (succesfully) and then try to add the other one as well, it shows only the first webcam again (instead of the second one). Individually, both webcams can be added and work. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I should be able to set up 2 webcams side by side using the free version, right? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m using 2 identical webcams? Help appreciated in advance.

Just letting you know we’ve solved the problem by first adding one of the webcams, then closing the programme, then plugging in the second webcam, then opening the programme again, and then we suddenly were able to add the second webcam as well.

Ok, thanks. We’ll try to reproduce this issue ourselves.


I have the same exact problem. I am using Netcam Studio 1.2.5 (Free Version). I am trying to add 2 identical webcams (Logitec C170). When I am trying to add the cameras, I have the C170 listed twice in the add source section. I can add one camera fine. When I add the second unit, it shows the image from the first camera. Like the user above, I can physically remove either of the cameras and get the remaining camera to function fine. I did try the add one camera, close the program trick. That solution didn’t work for me. I’m running Windows 10. Has anyone else had this issue? Does someone know the solution? I appreciate the help.