Several Cameras Not Showing Up ONVIF

I’m using 23 cameras around a business and was using NCS to record the data. The first 9 devices showed up smoothly for ONVIF discovery, but now I am unable to find anymore devices using the discovery wizard. Can I get some assistance with this? The devices connect to the mobile native app iCsee, but I’m having a hard time getting them to connect to NCS.

Also, where in NCS app is the setting that forces the program to overwrite data if the hard drive is full?

1.Are all the cameras of the same brand/model?
2. Here is the setup

Thanks for the response. It took me some time to fix the original problem. The original issue was Wi-fi wasn’t quite strong enough, but I’ve added some additional Access Points and now all of the cameras have good connection to the network, but I’m still having a hard time getting them to show up on NCS ONVIF browser.All of the cameras are the same brand/model. They are all iC See Wifi/4G smart cameras.

All of the cameras on the network successfully connect to the native iCsee app, but only about half of them are showing up in the device browser for ONVIF on Netcam Studio.

A working example from ONVIF source is below, these are the steps I followed:
Add camera->ONVIF Source->Browse (select one from the list)

  1. select source -
  2. entered user//pw credentials [get profile button]
  3. select onvif profile
  4. Change source name
  5. Click Check

This has added 12 cameras successfully to the software and they record as expected. I have 6 more cameras that are being stubborn with this process, they show up on the mobile iCsee but can’t get them added to NCS.

If it is the same model as shows up in ONVIF tab use the URL as in 1. Paste that into the onvif tab field 1. However, change the IP number to one of the stubborn cams. Enter credentials and click on Get Profiles. The should give you profiles.