Shenzhen Cams workaround

Is there a work around for the Shenzhen cameras they don’t seem to be listed on the camera list although they did exist in webcam XP appreciate any help

Hi Nick,
I cannot find that brand in any of our programs. I checked webcamxp, but no. Can you give med the model and also a link to the camera since there are so many models out there in the IP cam jungle :slight_smile: Hopefully, I can get it to work in NCS. When did iyou use that cam with webcamxp?

I used it in webcamxp pro
it was listed as Shenzhen and had 3 models under it …and in later updates it was eliminated so I never updated the pgm

Sorry, but that info do not help me much. To be able to continue I need as I mentioned model number and if possible a link to the camera how it looks like with specifications.


<img src="/uploads/db7624/original/2X/0/05c3e878b2cc0cc30f639c747cfb340c87f031e4.jpg" width=“499” height=“499”>

Thanks. DB Power is another camera brand. There are couple of DbPower cameras in the list. Check if that works.

I found Shenzhen in an extremely old camera file :slight_smile: and I see it is PTZ cameras. Why they were removed I don´t know. However, old cameras are quite often similar to Foscam so I check if the commands are the same for some model, but check dbpower and please report back.

Thank you…will check and let u know

Also, check for Foscam. Like

Supra IPC-100AC


There are actually several cameras that use that same url for video and ptz, but test the above.


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Unfortunately they did not work…Can you give me the format of the url and I will see if I can logon to the camera through that…

assume it something like
http://wanip:port#…but not sure of the rest for the logon user name and password

Bad luck! Usually that works, but the port can be trycky to find.

You can logon to the camera interface and see if there are some hints. Then it is http://cameraIP

In NCS use the tab Custom URL and set stream type to JPEG in number 1 below and for 2 and 3 use MJPEG
For the Shenzhen I have 3 different possibilities:
1. IP camera snapshots

2. IP Camera (mjpeg,video)

3. IP Camera (640x480) (mjpeg, video)

It would be great if it works without this resolution parameter. The above URL´s will only give video. To also get the PTZ it must be within a predefined template.

Test these ones since they very much like number 3 above with resolution=32. The ones below should also give PTZ.

Generic camera

Apexis Electronic

Apexis Electronic
Generic Ip Camera

I cross my fingers this time :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the direction…Will try and let you know how I make out.