Should I switch to NetCam studio?

Hello, I appreciate any help in advance.

I am a longtime user of WebcamXP. I use the software for a very specific purpose. I have a business in which we stream 3 webcams to our website for our customers to view. We have generated code for this through WebcamXP which is programmed in our website. I broadcast using our static IP from WebcamXP. The only other feature we really use is the scheduler in WebcamXP. We only want the cameras to be viewable on our websie during certain hours. Other than this, I would say we are very “basic” users of WebcamXP. No motion, recording, etc.

My question is would we be better served using NetCam Studio? It seems like this is a newer software and is actually being updated, which obviously is a good thing. Would I be able to do exactly what I described if I switched? Anything I need to be aware of?

Thanks for the help.

Netcam Studio Is the new version and will be updated. The best way is to text since the programs are very different. Download Netcam Studio and test it. You need to be aware of that NCS have some limitations when it comes to webcams. If the webcams are exactly the same and use the same driver it will be a problem in NCS and you will only see one of the webcams. Also, if the webcams are a couple of years old you might need to run the 32-bit version of NCS. But the best way to find out is to test these things.