Slack notification no image attatechemnt


I have gotten Slack notifications to send text when there is detected motion, but I cannot get it to attach any images. I have tried both yes and true and the message always gets sent but no image.
I also made it trigger for a specific source just to make sure that it doesn’t get confused there.
Here are my settings:

In order to see if pictures would work at all, I then took the same rule and changed it to an email notification, which then worked fine:

I am running Netcam Studio
Is there anything that I can do to get this working?


You should use true/false here, but I see that you have tested that. I have never used Slack myself so I have to ask @Steve how this works.


@Henrik Did you manage to figure it out?
I’ve tried again with true but no joy. Here is a screenshot of what I’m getting: Capture

The email route isn’t that nice as it’s a chore to see the pictures of all events as I have to download the images in each email as the preview in the emails are all the same, as my email client sees that the attached file names are all the same so it assumes that all the images are the same. Slack would allow me to see all the images at once in a nice compact form and give me fine control over notifications.


I would also be interested in having Slack working. I actually did some tests with to see whether anything in terms of image attachments make it through with a request initiated by the Slack integration.

It appears that neither yes nor true nor (any) URL is even part of the request made with a Slack notification.

@Steve, since you have not yet chimed in, may I ask if there’s something we’re missing or if the Slack channel just can’t deal with image attachments yet.


I´m at the same position. Message posting to Slack works, but no picture attached.
It would be really nice to have this Slack feature working.