Small picture in the email

hello I try to better adjust the software.
I have parameterized the sending of photo by mail during the detection of motion.
But the picture I receive is ridiculously small 400x200 while my
cam is in 1280x720
-is this parametrable?
is a license required?
-and with a license how to know that it camera is supported?

Thank you

Yes, that is correct. The picture in the email is just to give you which camera and a picture of the moment of what happened. You get more details and the whole scene when you connect to NCS Library using the App, windows or webb client and check out the video. The intention is not to send a MB picture in the email which really is not desireable. No difference with a license.

Supported cameras with NCS:
1.the list on the web site. This is far from complete,
2.the camera support the ONVIF standard which makes it easy to add to NCS using the tab ONVIF Source,
3.if not 1 and 2, well so far we have managed to get 99,999% of the cams added to NCS. A very “cheap chinese” cloud based camera can cause some problems if it is a p2p system that use an encrypted communication.


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Thank you for all his information.
it’s clearer
damage to the image.
Indeed I consult the Libary for more detail.
It remains when the best the camera ip software
thanks again

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