Software keeps closing! Please help!

I am using window xp and Webcamxp 7 PRO v1.5.3.0 Build 42150. For some reason the software keeps closing or freezing. Anyone have any idea what is happening?

Well, something do not like webcam7 :slight_smile: Is this a new installation or did it work with an earlier version of webcam7. Is an antivirus program running? I need more information about this. Did you install the Universal SOurce FIlter?

We had an earlier version installed and just upgraded to webcam 7. I have no idea what a universal source filter is. I did notice that a screensaver started running and I disabled that.

Thanks. It seems that the latest version you installed will not run on that version of XP. Can you go back to the earlier version of webcam7 again and just check that it runs?

I am actually going to move it to a Windows 7 computer. I thought it might be XP that was having an issue. I was using an older version and just updated this week so it may not still be freezing and shutting down. I will watch it.

Wind XP is not supported anymore so moving to Win 7 is good. Maybe also moving to Netcam Studio? :slight_smile:

I will look into Netcam Studio. Thanks!

When you go to Netcam Studio I recommend you to test all your USB sources that they work correct.

I can assure you that I will not be doing the change. I will have my IT guy do it. I am not experienced enough to do this. Thanks, I will relay the message to him. Can you tell me what is different in Netcam Studio?

Webcamxp and Netcam studio are written in two different programming languages and with that comes pros and cons. What can cause problems with usb cams in NCS is if usb cameras use exactly same driver. So if you have 2 or more usb cameras of the the same model och the same brand and use the same driver it can be problems and when connected NCS will only see one of the cams. Therefore, I recommend to test when going from webcamxp to NCS.
Good luck,