Software won't start/run - blocked by antivirus program

Webcam XP 5 won’t run on select computers (see below), though it will run on some other computers I oversee (also Windows 7).
Tried … uninstall and reinstall along with cold reboots. Cam is Logitech C310 or C270, or even test with Microsoft LifeCam – no go. Windows 7 and Vista computers. .NET install went fine. Is this a 32-bit problem? I think I’m noticing it runs on my 64 bit OS computers. Is there something to make it work?

Hi Wally,
“Webcam XP 5 won’t run on select computers (see below)”. What computers/Windows will it not run on?
Here are the supported OS


I am using Windows 7 (one 32-bit, other 64-bit Professional), and (one with) Vista … on a total of three computers out of four which won’t run the
software (at my office location). Looking at the Taskmanager while opening app, Webcamxp shows up for about a second, then it just disappears.
Have you had this happen with valid platforms? What was any solution?
May have to slowly disable startups, etc., so see if there is some other offending tasks. But, the 64 bit computer is fairly “pure.” It hardly has anything on it.

Some antivirus programs have caused problems before. If you have any installed disable or deinstall them and run agsin. Since webcamxp starts and then it seems that something shuts it down.

Okay - here it is. (took a lot of troubleshooting) Problem was with AVG anti-virus software. Disabling for install did not work. But here’s the fix - AVG under OPTIONS and EXCEPTIONS - navigate to webcam .EXE file, select it. Save. It now works. Put that in your fix file.

He he. Excellent job! Actually, I think it was AVG last time also. In my “fix file” ;).