Some guide about using variables please

Hi, I could not find much explanation about setting and using global variables. Let’s say I want to place dynamic text with system time etc. How do I create (or import ) particular variable?
I think there should be a column in the user manual dedicated to this topic.

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Hi! Yes, this topic will be extended in help. I can explain briefly

There are 3 kind of variables to use: built-in, system, user-defined

  1. Built-in variables:
  1. $date - current date in format yyyy/MM/dd
  2. $time - current time in format HH24:mm:ss.fff
  3. $fps - current fps value
  1. System - these ones are defined in in “Global Variables” section. It is created automatically:
  1. $global.cpuUsage - cpu usage in %
  2. $global.freeDiskSpace - free disk space in Mb
  3. $global.timeCounter
  1. User-defined
    User can define variables which are updated through local files or remote REST service. In case of JSON, it will expand object to flat structure, e.g. variable name is “myVariable” and json is {name:“aaa”, value: 2.0} - you will be able to use

Just a clarification, It looks like the built-in variable: $date also includes the time as well (as of Netcam Studio 1.7.2). You would think that if you wanted date and time you would do $date $time. Anyway to get just the date and no time?

In principle I can agree with you. However, as of today that is what we have. Usually the IP camera also have overlay (on screen display) so test if that is more suitable. Or add a small box over the last part.