Sony video server SNT-V501 and Netcam Studio


I have several analog cameras, connected to Netcam Studio via Sony SNT-V704 4-port, and Sony SNT-V501 single-port video servers.
Sony SNT-V704 is working perfect, but there’s problem connecting SNT-V501 to Netcam Studio. Device is online, i can access it from web browser, and Netcam see it’s ip address in device browser. But when i try to add the device in Add Video Source, there’s no connection.

Is there anything i can do?


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An easy one, have you tested the v704 template for the v501 as well?
Are you sure you don´t need login?
Go to the tab Custom URL.
Stream Type: jpeg test also to use mjpeg
Address: http://username:password@IP-number/image

Yes, I tested v704 template for v501, and it’s not working.
I also tried with and without login, and it’s not working.

However, I added it from Custom URL tab, as you suggested, and it does work! Zoom doesn’t work, but at least i have stream and recordings.


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One more question, please…

Looking forward to add some more cameras to my system. IP cameras. Problem is that most of cameras available at market are not supported by Netcam Studio, like HikVision, Dahua, Foscam, Vivotek…

How to connect unsupported cameras? It’s hard to find any of supported cameras in shops.

As stated cameras that support the standard ONVIF can be connected to Netcam Studio via the tab for ONVIF Source.
Cameras can also be connected manually by its URL usually rtsp or http using the tab for Custom URL.