Sound Alerts Webcamxp NOT on motion detector

For years I ran the free webcamxp version. I have a dog grooming studio and offer live webcam viewing for anyone. Up until a few years ago they (webcamxp) used to play a sound when people would log onto the camera to watch.
I have purchased the latest webcamxp and would like to know if this “sound setting” is available for this software?
It was nice to have to know if people were watching hearing a “pinging” sound

PLEASE note I do not want answers to adding sound to motion detector.

Hi Susan! That was a really nice application for the webcamxp. You have to give me the address for that. Nice to see that one can use the software not only for catching bad guys ;).
Actually, I have never heard of that feature. Did you have to configure for that or was it “automatic”? The most common way to see the live video is to broadcast the video over Internet. That is a one way communication. The other way I can think about is using the Live chat. When people connect there is will probably give a pling for attention. Since you purchased the new version have you installed it and checked for this sound setting?

Hi Henrik
The feature was automatic. It was few years back on older versions of the free versions. Since updates and newer versions it seems the sound feature is gone??
I can’t activate the chat feature as we are dog groomers. We can not stop clipping or scissoring to chat back . We would never get work done. . There are webcam links on most pages.

Sorry, but I cannot find anything about connection sound. My idea was that using the chat should give an acknowledge that people are in. However, as you say most likely people then expect to chat which is not that good idea of cause ;). I will check in on ruff cuts tomorrow when you are in business.