Sound for MPEG D-LINK DSC930 camera

I’m able to listen to the audio from D-LINK DSC930 if I enter directly in its web-interface (they deliver the audio in a Java app). Is it possible to listen to this sound through NetcamStudio? and will it be possible to record it also? I know MJPEG doesn’t include audio, but isn’t there a work around that?

We have had this discussion before and I recommended a link. This camera supports only streaming of jpeg and mjpeg which do not include audio as you say. To work in their own java app it seems that they use a separate channel over http for this. That is their proprietary work around for that. I assume it is cheaper than doing it correct using mpeg4 or h.264 which are formats that include video and audio. For that the cams must support RTSP which it do not. This seems to be what they use from the link in our earlier session. Controls audio while streaming live video through the D-Link UI:


Video Feeds:


Connection to NCS to get video and audio must be with mpeg4 or h.264. So audio will not be possible in NCS.