Sound Sync Issue On Recordings

I’m using Netcam Studio for simultaneous recording and streaming and have been very pleased with the quality and versatility of this software. Unfortunately, I’ve just noticed that the recorded audio and video are slightly out of sync. If I use another piece of software to record, the audio sync is fine. Also, the audio video stream are synced perfectly so the problem only exists in regards to the recorded video. I am using a Logitech C920 webcam as my source. Are there any settings that might affect the audio video sync that I can adjust?

With USB sources, audio + video are already on different channels so pretty tricky to sync.

If you use RTSP cameras then the single stream provides audio + video so the recordings are in sync (the streams using the Live Mode also (MPEG4 + Audio in a single channels) but not when using JPEG + separate audio player because again it’s 2 different (output in this case) streams that we cannot sync together).

It would be possible to put some options allowing users to manually set this but currently nothing like this is available.

OK, thank you.

In that case I have a followup question. Changing the kbs setting under Live Video Stream Encoder seems to do nothing. Is there any way to change the quality/data rate of the live camera feed to be used with VLC?

Since the new default mode is also encoding in H264 this should rely on the recording settings (the presets going from Ultrafast to Medium).

Setting medium will use more CPU and further compress the video stream. I’m not 100% it will have effect but since it uses the same encoder than the recording module, then I think that it will consider this setting.