Source guidance needed - Uniden UDW10055


I’m using a UDW-10055 Video Surveillance System. It includes 2 cameras on a proprietary wireless system, broadcasting at 2.4 Ghz to their proprietary receiver. I’d like to be able to add the source to NCS but I can’s “see” it anywhere.
The funny thing is that I can easily get to it with YAWCAM and Image Salsa.
In Image Salsa the feed shows up as “vidDigital Wireless”. I get both camera feeds using Uniden’s UDW-155 wireless receiver module (which sends the feed to the Windows 10 PC using USB)
I have searched the “community” but find only one Uniden question -that thread is about freezing and another camera model.

I really don’t care much for the whole Uniden system and I am willing to simply replace that camera system with an D-Link model to match the rest of my system.

Thanks for any advice. I appreciate your attention.

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The Uniden is a you say a proprietary system. To use NCS we must have the URL to each camera on the central system. Either http or rtsp URL.
Test and connect the UDW-155 module to the computer and add this USB module to NCS using the tab for Local Source / Webcam. If the driver is loaded correct and if you are lucky you should see it there. Sometimes the driver is for a 32-bit system so test also with NCS 32-bit version.

You can also use Wireshark and sniff the network how YAWCAM or Salsa communicates with the system. There you might find the correct URL´s.

Or as you say replace it with an IP camera and connect to NCS. That will probably save you a lot of time and frustation :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: I tried Wireshark but I’m having trouble getting the usbpcap to function. I can not detect any usb stream(s) on this WINX 64bit OS. (tried firewall off, btw)

At this point, this is more of an intellectual exercise in learning for me. I’d like to beat it and I will continue to try to solve the Wireshark/USB problem. There’s not much info on the web about this problem.

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I think I’m making progress:

The process for monitoring usb streams is a little more complicated than one would think,


Never give up :slight_smile: Can you find the name and model of the cameras? Most likely the cameras are regular IP cameras running of wifi. Have you talked to the manufacturer if they disclose something on how to connect either the cameras ro the presentation unit to a LAN?


I DID give up - Wiresharked the USB comms but couldn’t discern any url to “get”.

So - I bought a new IP camera.

Thank you very much for your experience and assistance.