Source Ordering not matching Client


I have a remote server that hosts all of my cameras, which configures everything. I have a local monitor that uses the Netcam Studio client to connect to it, however it is displaying sources in a different order. When I rearrange them from the client, to the order I wish, it remains the same way with no change. I restarted the server and client many times and cannot get it fixed. This just happened recently becoming an issue when the server had been restarted due to a power outage. The server reflects the cameras I want them to viewed, however the client does not.

Any help would be appreciated.


As you probably know energy breaks can really mess up realtime systems and that seem to me what might have happened. Then a restart will not fix that since maybe one of the config files got messed up. So what happens iif ypu cmpletely remove ncs on the local monitor, incl config files and install again? You maybe need to do that on the server as well.


Hey Henrik,

Of course! Good suggestion! I will do this later on tonight and provide an update!

Thank you again!