SourceConnectionLost not triggering


I need to receive a notification every time a camera is disconnected. I set SourceConnectionLost for all sources but it’s not triggered when I disconnect a camera from the power source. Any help?

Yes, you are correct. It is a bug. We are in process of preparing a major new release and I hope we can get this one in as well!

Yes, it will be in the upcoming release in short.


I see, how can I stay tuned ?

Here is a link to the unofficial release of NCS 64-bit

Several bugs are fixed and we made some rearrangements to better reflect what we mean and removed things that cause distraction to get a better UI ;).It is tested and I am running it now on several systems and it seems fine. However, …

We set a delay of 30 seconds on SourceConnectionLost. Sometimes NCS loose connection to a cam due to wifi problems or other temporary problems, but it will connect again. We do not want tons of emails due to that so if still no connection after 30 seconds an email is sent. OK?

If you download and test please report back.