Specify size and width of stream from netcamstudio server

I would like to use the netcam studio stream in a NetIO webview, but the stream is the same size as the native stream from the camera 1280 x 720, but in order to fit in on my screen in NetIO, it needs to be 640 x 360. I can get the stream with http://user:passwd@192.168.0.##:8100/Mjpeg/1, but how do I specify width and height?

If you are going to embed the camera stream on a web page I recommend you to use use the html generator in NCS. There you get the code you can use. When you generate the code do not use the Admin account since that token will change. Create a special user account with its rights and use that in the creation of the html code. That token will be constant even at a restart or reboot.

Change the Local IP 127.xxx to what is correct in your case.

Tried that already and Netio didn’t like that it does not start with “http”. From my understanding, the webview is not a Web page. I don’t know the term for it, but it displays the entire Web page instead of an embedded object.

Another way is to change the resolution from the camera. Yes, you will loose 720p… How about embed the Jpeg? Sorry, but no experience in this. Streaming video is quite common so someone must have done this.


That would be the easiest, but in my case I ended up with a Chinese hikvision, upgraded the firmware and had to install a hacked firmware to unbrick it so several features don’t work. I can’t get the sub-stream to work and was hoping I could adjust the resolution with netcam studio. Thanks for the ideas.