Start netcam with system windows 10

hola, quiero que netcamstudio, se inicie de manera automatica con windows 10, pero no encuentro la opcion para hacer eso.
podeis orientarme por favor?


Hi, I want netcamstudio, it starts automatically with Windows 10, but can not find the option to do that.
you can guide me please?


To have NCS always started, please use the Service version. This way it will restart even after computer restarts and be always running in the background.

where I downloaded the release service

It’s automatically installed when you install Netcam Studio (and will automatically use the settings of Netcam Studio X).

Please refer to the user guide for more details.

perfect, thank you very much :slight_smile:
it is easy and hidden.

Hi @sarjentocuch

Did you get the solution?
How did you do it?


Before you do this procedure you must exit Netcam Studio X. Otherwise the service will not start.
Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Scroll down the list to Netcam Studio Server. Double click on that and change Startup Type to Automatic and click OK. Now click on START on the left hand side to start the service…
Enter NCS by using the Netcam Studio Client.

Just did as you said.
Simply amazing, it works like a charm.

Thank you very much @Henrik
Have a good one!