Start / stop a core plugin - Drive Sync


I would like to enable / disable the drive synchronisation when I’m out of my home.
The goal is to avoid the use of bandwith when I’m at home, but keeping the motion detection and recording.

I try to do this :

  • Log to the json api
  • call /GetCorePlugins and find name of Drive plugin
  • call /StartStopPlugin?authToken=xxxxx&pluginName=26&enabled=false

This last call result in a true from api, but the service is still enabled.

Does anybody have an idea on how to achieve this ?



Hi Simon,
I tested this and I have also some problems to make it work. I get true back, but no change in Google Drive enabled or not. There should also be a sourceID which I am not sure about. I couldn´t make it work for email either so I think we need our expert @Steve here.

Thanks for your reply, I’m “happy” that I did it right :slight_smile:
I also hope that @Steve will find a way to do this.